In December 2020, an article was published in AllAfrica.com media entitled NGORONGORO AT A TIPPING POINT AS POPULATION SOARS

"Sustainability of mutual coexistence between wildlife and people in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is at jeopardy as population soars."


This article is based on the dogma of the Multiple Land Use Model (MLUM) - the plan for how the NCA will be used. click on this link to see the evil in that document.

On April 7, 2021, A new President of Tanzania was on board: Madam Samia Suluhu Hassan. Apparently she had read the article above because an article was published in news media that said: "Tanzania: Samia Nails It On Ngorongoro Tipping Point"

She said the soaring human population jeopoardizes the wildlife in the world's greatest unbroken caldera (referring to Ngorongoro Crator. Apparently she didn't know that the indigenous population was nowhere near the so-called Tipping Point. For the true population, click here.

Six days after the President's statement, the Authority published a document that would evict certain illegal immigrants, while hundreds of others were required to demolish buildings including government primary schools, health centers, police stations, churches, mosques and private homes.

Among illegal immigrants were people who were "encouraged" to voluntarily move to a village named Jema. about 200 people went, but most returned to Ngorongoro when the people living there had already claimed the land and would not let them stay.

According the MLUM, "immigrants" include some people from NCA, other sectors of the Government as well as private institutions including hospitality industry, NGOs and religious organizations remained in the area after they retired. The two categories of the current NCA community form a segment, which is referred to as immigrants.

According estimates pastorialists residents, about 15% of residents are not indigenous people.

The MLUM claims that 40% of residents are "immigrants". That means that only 60% are indigenous non-immigrants, which means that, if "immigration" were stopped, the population would be 60,000 and grow at a 2.5% rate (normal for pastorialists) for years before they reached the so-called tipping point of 200,000.

On April 18, the Ngorongoro pastorialists held a Press Conference and invited the media. They appealed to President Samia to stop the eviction.

They said : “Ngorongoro should not only benefit the tourism industry but the local people as well.”

“Even if there were 100,000 pastoralists, there is no scientific evidence to prove that the number threatens conservation in Ngorongoro."

"Ngorongoro has the largest black rhino population in the world, including the Serengeti, which has no pastoralists."

"Despite the presence of pastoralists in Ngorongoro, the park has more tourists than any other park.”

Two days later, the eviction was called off.

Tundu Lissu, a former candidate for President (and who was shot by an unknown assassin and took years to recover) reported this by twitter.

But, very likely this is not the end, because this talk of "population boogeyman" has been going on for years.